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Shashi Bhushan Soni has been a Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate in Chhattisgarh. He has been a hardworking and dedicated officer, who has devoted his energy and time to serve the people of Chhattisgarh.

Shashi Bhushan Soni During His Work
Shashi Bhushan Soni During His Work

Shashi Bhushan Soni has served the citizens of Chhattisgarh in the most extraordinary and efficient way possible. He has been an embodiment of excellence, integrity and dedication. His primary focus has been to provide a pleasant and positive experience to the people of Chhattisgarh by providing them with timely and accurate services.

He believes in upholding the long term commitment of the government towards the citizens of Chhattisgarh and hence works hard at all times to ensure that the citizens get the best possible services and experience. He is a firm believer of the values of fairness and justice and believes in treating every citizen in the most equitable manner.

Shashi Bhushan Soni also regularly engages with the citizens of Chhattisgarh to get their feedback and to understand their grievances. He personally attends to the grievances and tries to resolve them in the most efficient and satisfactory manner possible.

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